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Our Work

At ItsGLO Cleaning, we don’t just clean — we revitalize your living spaces with the same attention and love as if they were our own. Every swipe of the cloth and every spray of our trusted solutions is done with the intent to not only clean but to uplift your environment, ensuring that when we leave, your home doesn't just shine, it sparkles with care

Before and After Cleaning a Bathtub at a client house


Bathtub Deep Cleaning

Reviving your bathtub, we employ a combination of rigorous scrubbing and safe, yet effective, cleaning agents tailored for bathroom surfaces. Our microfiber cloths and non-abrasive tools ensure that every stain is lifted without a scratch, renewing the comfort and cleanliness of your personal oasis.


Toilet Hygiene Enhancement

Hygiene and cleanliness in your bathroom are paramount. For your toilet, we use powerful solutions that cut through stains and bacteria, leaving a sanitized and spotless finish. Our meticulous process ensures every curve and corner gleams with the highest standard of clean.

Before and After Cleaning a Toilet at a client house
Before and After Cleaning a Fridge at a client house


Refrigerator Cleaning

Inside your refrigerator, we're as concerned about cleanliness as we are about health. Using food-safe cleaners like vinegar and gentle scrubbing techniques, we ensure no harmful residues are left behind. Your fridge is not just deep cleaned; it's sanitized and organized, ready to house fresh produce and nourishment.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We understand that the corners of your kitchen can accumulate the unnoticed spills and splatters of daily life. Our deep cleaning service will ensure that these challenging areas are thoroughly cleaned with detail-oriented methods, restoring the look and feel of your kitchen to a state of brand-new wonder.

Before and After Cleaning behind an oven at a client house

More of Our Work

We take pride in our cleaning services, offering a dedicated and reliable approach. Our extensive client base includes satisfied homeowners, real estate professionals, and property managers. Allow us to assist you in maintaining a spotless kitchen, a pristine bathroom, or any other cleaning task you require. Rest assured, we will arrive punctually and perform an exceptional cleaning job, just as we have consistently demonstrated in our past projects, as evidenced by the examples below

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